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Why do I Need to Obtain a Medical Evaluation Prior to my Anesthesia Appointment?

Historically and to this day, patients admitted to the hospital for surgery, even ambulatory surgery, are routinely required to undergo a medical evaluation prior to any surgical procedure involving an anesthetic. This protocol still exists and forms the basis for our current policy as a standard of care for patients undergoing a general anesthetic.

An anesthesiologist is typically in a specialist role supporting the treating dentist or surgeon. We utilize our physician colleagues to provide a comprehensive history and physical exam for each of our patients to provide a strong confirmation of the information we obtain from you as we prepare for the day of treatment.

The medical evaluation typically provides us with a good overview of your current level of health, medications, allergies, and concurrent illnesses that may impact your care. It also allows us to establish, based on your health history, any increased risk. If either your physician or our doctor has any questions, this evaluation provides the basis for initiating contact between them to communicate and clarify.

In addition, having your physician complete their pre-procedural evaluation will enable them to be prepared to address any issues that arise following the completion of your anesthetic visit.

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