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Why do I need to bring a blanket to my anesthesia appointment?

This request originated from years of practice in both the hospital and office venue, where we most commonly provide general anesthesia to our adult and pediatric patients. While this may seem like an unusual request, it is very common for patients to wake up from anesthesia shivering for a short period of time. And while it soon passes, this can be upsetting and disruptive to our goal of providing you with a gentle and calm awakening.

Anyone who receives an anesthetic will quickly begin to lose temperature as a result of the actions of all the general anesthetics that can be used, by mask as well as by intravenous administration. It is imperative to prepare for this temperature drop by having blankets immediately available at the beginning of our anesthetic. Good preparation will delay the loss of heat and help you regain it soon after the procedure.

Of course, we would like to continue the use of a blanket for your comfort after the procedure is completed, which is why we ask you to bring one – you will continue to have it to use during the recovery process prior to your discharge to home.

“Happiness is a warm blanket” Charles Schulz

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