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What if My Child has Asthma?

Asthma is a common condition that requires medical surveillance and medical management. There are many causes for asthma symptoms and several levels of severity as a result of the disorder.

We can safely care for patients with several of these levels of severity within our office-based anesthesia practice, however, several more advanced levels of disability require care in a hospital or ambulatory surgery setting. Each patient requires a customized medical care plan and follow-up and from their pediatrician. When an asthma specialist such as a Pulmonologist or Allergy/Immunology doctor is involved with your care, we will want to speak to or consult with them as well.

In order to provide the best care for you or your child, we will ask several questions about their asthma disorder during our initial interview. During this conversation, we will inquire about:

  • The severity of their illness is determined by

    • The frequency of their events and how long they persist

    • The current medical management they use – both daily and rescue medications

    • Type of inhalation treatment used at home

    • Asthma Triggers

    • Hospitalization for Asthma in the past

  • When the last attack occurred that required medication

  • How long was medication needed during the last event

  • Exposure to smoking and pets

When patients with asthma develop a respiratory illness or have recently recovered from an asthma flair-up, anesthesia services for dental care are typically postponed. We generally require 4 weeks from the resolution of your or your child’s symptoms [wheezing, coughing, chest congestion] to provide general anesthesia care.

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