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Office-Based Anesthesia Care

Providing a Safe, Caring, Convenient, and Comfortable Environment for All of Our Patients

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Anesthesia for
Adult Patients

There are numerous reasons for choosing to utilize the services of an anesthesiologist to assist with the restoration of your oral health. You may have been thinking how you would prefer to not be fully awake.. 


Anesthesia for
Pediatric Pateints

Our practice is primarily devoted to the safe and comprehensive treatment of children, including those with special needs, who require dental treatment with anesthesia services.


Anesthesia for
Special Needs Patients

Patients with Special Needs encompasses many types of patients, ranging from neurological to physical impairments that make completion of necessary dental treatment all but impossible.


Why Us?

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care.

At Anesthesia for Dental Health, we provide anesthesia services that are safe and comfortable for our pediatric and adult patients in the familiar environment of your own dentist or surgeon's office. 


We provide our office-based services in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, Rockland and Westchester County, New York, as well as in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey. 

Martin R. Boorin DMD
Dentist Anesthesiologist


Martin R. Boorin, DMD is an experienced, residency-trained, fully qualified dentist anesthesiologist. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, School of Dental Medicine, and completed his two-year anesthesiology residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Boorin has been in the practice of dental anesthesiology for 35 years including a full-time hospital anesthesia practice for thirteen years and has been a staff dentist anesthesiologist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center since completing his residency in 1987. He currently maintains a full time, office-based practice of dental anesthesiology in the tri-state region for pediatric, adult and special needs patients. Dr. Boorin is a clinical assistant professor, in the Departments of Hospital Dentistry and Dental Anesthesiology at the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and an attending dentist anesthesiologist at Stony Brook University Hospital. He is the section chief for dental anesthesiology in the Department of Dental Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Boorin coordinates resident education and clinical care in both institutions and is one of several attendings supervising an accredited, nationally recognized dental anesthesiology resident training program. Dr. Boorin is a diplomate of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Oro-Facial Pain. He currently serves on the ADBA Board of Directors.

Dr. Boorin recently provided anesthesia services during a medical mission in Ecuador through the Global Smile Foundation. He is working with the GSF organization to provide anesthesia services to children needing dental rehabilitation.

Emanuel Gluckman DDS
Dentist Anesthesiologist


Emanuel Gluckman, DDS is a residency-trained, fully qualified dentist anesthesiologist, experienced in the administration of sedation and general anesthesia in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and private offices. He attended the University of California Los Angeles Dental School where he was awarded the prestigious Horace G. Wells Award for excellence in dental anesthesiology. He subsequently completed a three-year residency training program in dental anesthesiology at the New York University Langone Medical Center, a level one trauma center. Dr. Gluckman's unique dental anesthesiology training in both hospital and office environments has enabled him to care for patients with complex medical histories, unique disabilities, and those with fear or severe treatment anxiety associated with dental or surgical treatment. Dr. Gluckman is a diplomate of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology. He has lectured locally and nationally on various topics related to office-based anesthesia practice and management of complex medical conditions in dental practice. When not caring for patients, he enjoys time with his family, golfing, Manhattan excursions, and following numerous sports teams including the Yankees.

Graciela Ocampo-DeBord

graciela Photo.jpg

Graciela is a transplant from the West Coast, where she grew up in Southern California. Following two visits to New York in fall of 2021 she knew this was where she wanted to plant her roots. Graciela went to college in California and received her training at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where she began her career as an Oral Surgery Assistant. She subsequently established a dental anesthesia services program for a large multi-office pediatric dental practice in the greater Los Angeles area using her extensive customer service experience, office management expertise and training through the School of Dentistry at Loma Linda University.


Graciela joined Anesthesia for Dental Health January of 2022 where she was able to utilize all the personal attributes and strengths she has gained over the years. Graciela enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community. Her love of helping others has been an integral factor in her donation of time and resources to many organizations. When not volunteering Graciela enjoys most outdoor activities, traveling, cooking and other creative outlets

  • What is general anesthesia and intravenous sedation?
    General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are distinct levels of anesthetic management that use intravenous and inhalation anesthetics. Both levels provide a means of completing all of your dental or surgical needs while comfortable, pain-free, fully monitored and either asleep or sedated. Medication is routinely administered intravenously during the procedure rather than by gas anesthesia. The majority of our patients receive a light general anesthetic.
  • Is anesthesia safe for me or my child?
    Drs. Boorin and Gluckman are experienced clinicians, trained in the delivery of anesthesia for adults, children, and patients with special needs. They are responsible for each patient's anesthetic management and utilize the most up-to-date monitoring equipment. There are never any compromises in our patient's safety comfort, and care throughout the entire perio-operative period; during preparatory planning, before the day of treatment to beyond treatment completion. Prior to the day of the planned procedure there are several steps that are taken to ensure our complete understanding of your health history. A careful interview and evaluation process by the doctors and their staff and a medical evaluation by your primary care physician is required. Where indicated, phone consultations with your medical team are made to ensure we understand the planned treatment, medical limitations, and your or your child's ability to safely undergo an office anesthetic.
  • Do patients remember the treatment?
    Patients remain asleep throughout a general anesthetic and do not have any memory of the dental or surgical procedure. Patients awaken soon after their dentist or surgeon is finished without memories of the treatment, intravenous tubing, or the monitors. Within several hours of returning home, your energy level will begin to increase to near normal levels. Children are usually interested only in returning to their usual routines and play. When sedation is chosen for a dental or surgical procedure (not typically for children) patients may recall afterward hearing voices at the conclusion of the procedure but will not experience pain at any time.
  • What special preparation is needed for the anesthesia appointment?
    Prior to your appointment, our staff will contact you to review your health, or the health of your child, and the anesthesia plan. You will be informed about food and fluid intake restrictions. It is extremely important to not eat before anesthesia. If an illness develops prior to the scheduled procedure, you must contact our office so we may address the severity of the illness and discuss options. Several recommendations will be made in preparation for the day of treatment. This will ensure a smooth transition from your arrival in the dentist’s office to discharge after your recovery. Patients will be tired and sleepy following the anesthetic. You will need to return home and maintain minimal activity until the next day when following a regular routine is expected unless dental or surgical procedures require futher rest at home.
  • We still have concerns and would like to speak to someone about the anesthetic appointment.
    We are happy to speak with you at any time during the planning stages of the anesthesia visit, on the treatment day, and following the completion of treatment. Questions for the doctor can be answered in most cases by arranging for a followup phone call to you. We will be available to address your questions and concerns.



The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form below. Our scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment. If you are an existing patient, this contact form should not be utilized for communicating private health information.

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